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GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION | 50 Years of God’s Abundant Gifts

Sisters, associates, and agrégeé candidates had the opportunity to come together on September 17, 2017, to pause and reflect on gifts: our own, those we have received throughout life, and in particular those of our Golden Jubilarians, Peggy Comfrey, CSJ, and Kathleen Moran, CSJ.

There was a profound sense of the Spirit alive among and within as four sisters shared reflections about the jubilarians. In turn, Rosemary Mulvihill, CSJ, Mary Ann Crowley, CSJ, Pat Keefe, CSJ, and Pat Boyle, CSJ, reflected on the celebration of gifts, surprises and challenges along the way, the challenges ahead, and God’s faithfulness. These reflections were punctuated with songs led by Pat Andrews, CSJ, sacred dance by Betsy Conway, CSJ, and invitations for each of us to share personal thoughts with those near us.

We left full of gratitude for the presence of Peggy and Kathleen and their witness to fidelity, aware that the God of surprise comes in disguise, conscious of our own unfoldings throughout the years, and challenged but confident that the God of the future draws us forward.



Exploring Possible Changes in Our Governance

We gathered on September 16, 2017, for an update on the work of our Ad Hoc Governance Committee. This update was also presented on September 19, at Bethany Health Care Center.

Representatives of the committee outlined six proposals for changes to better reflect who we are now as well as national trends in congregational governance structures. We began our time with Centering Prayer as a way of evoking open minds, hearts, and wills. These proposals will be discussed in detail during our October 27‐29 Chapter Weekend. Towards the end of the formal presentation we were encouraged to listen deeply, stay curious, remain open, be accepting, and relax! The presentation is now available to sisters and associates through our First Class intranet.

Enriching Communication with God, one another and our Congregation

by Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ
Associates, sisters who regularly journey with us, and Motherhouse residents gathered for our first associate meeting of the year on September 9, 2017. Following the usual social interaction, a speed networking exercise deepened our knowledge of one another. Input from Anna Edge, CSJ, on the use of our Intranet system enriched our knowledge of this vehicle of congregation communication. Prayer focused on quiet reflection on God’s enormous love for each of us, while looking ahead to responding to our charism amid the challenges of today’s world.

In the words of our associates, some highlights included:

  • …wonderful to share from the heart and to be among kindred spirits
  • …being reminded to sit in quiet and be in peace
  • …networking with focus on deepening relationship
  • …living the charism of unity and reconciliation in the ordinary happenings of daily life
  • …very inspiring group sharing, left with a strong feeling of unity in charism
  • …wonderful group and discussion, not long enough

Feelings and thoughts to take home included:

  • …overwhelmed with gratitude, Keep Listening to God
  • …respond to the needs you hear from others
  • …renew my prayer life
  • …be present as a presence to others in small ways
  • …be kind, gentle and loving

As we continue to journey together, let us dwell on the quiet and stillness, the heartfelt sharing, the supportive presence of one another, and the gifts that we have and continue to share with others as we strive to enrich the world with our presence.



Volume 2.2.4 – September 27, 2017

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