the MORE… Online Updates Volume 3.1.13 – May 02, 2018

the MORE… Online Updates Volume 3.1.13 – May 02, 2018

Prayer – Piety  – Protest — CSJ Heritage Day & National Catholic Sisters Week at Regis College


CSJ Heritage Day & National Catholic Sisters Week at Regis College

Regis College CSJ Heritage Day, which was snowed out during March, finally happened on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. After watching the movie, A Band of Sisters, and being hosted for lunch, five sisters participated in a panel moderated by Carmela Abbruzzese, CSJ.

Sisters Pat Andrews, Mary Gowern, Betty Cawley, Carlotta Gilarde, and Helen Thomas Colbert shared their personal stories of prayer, piety, and protest throughout their lives.

Stories ranged from general issues embraced by all sisters and associates, to more specific types of involvement in issues of social justice such as finding ways to unite communities divided by Boston’s busing days in the 1970s, anti-trafficking, eradicating the death penalty, solidarity with farmworkers, companioning those in prison and detention centers, living among the marginalized both locally and internationally, and
so much more. As attendees listened, the panelists created a montage of experiences that demonstrated how sisters and associates show up in moments where unifying, reconciling, inclusive love is needed for every kind of “dear neighbor” without distinction. Repeatedly, panelists expressed gratitude to the Congregation for support in these endeavors, and remarked how we are one with the people we serve.

At the conclusion of the afternoon, Mary Lou Jackson, Special Assistant to the President for Mission Effectiveness, who coordinated this event, thanked the sisters, and commented that the challenge is “to continue this message at Regis.”

PICTURED: Carmela Abbruzzese, CSJ, introduces the panel including Pat Andrews, CSJ, Mary Gowern, CSJ, Betty Cawley, CSJ, Carlotta Gilarde, CSJ, and Helen Thomas Colbert, CSJ.


May 30, 2018 — 5:00-7:30pm The Women’s Table

CSJ Congregation Ministry
is celebrating 10 years
of connecting and empowering women.
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Food Justice: What’s on Your Plate?

Our April 22 CSJ Associate Gathering collaborated with our Justice and Peace Advisory Board to offer an enlightening presentation titled, Food Justice: What’s on Your Plate? As she welcomed all present, Kathie Shute, CSJA, remarked, “Today, Earth Day, our thoughts turn to our precious Earth, and to our responsibility of stewardship of this fragile gift entrusted to us.”

In keeping with our responsibility of stewardship, Justice and Peace Advisory Board members, Maryann Enright, CSJ, Peggy Comfrey, CSJ, Colleen King, CSJA, Kate Fahey, Helen Thomas Colbert, CSJ, and Mark Potter worked with Betty Cawley, CSJ, Justice Promoter, to share insights about Food Justice.

The entire afternoon was framed within the context of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, which states, “The pace of consumption, waste and environmental change has so stretched the planet’s capacity that our contemporary lifestyle, unsustainable as it is, can only precipitate catastrophes.” LS # 161 However, as Colleen King, CSJA, stated during her segment of the presentation on how meat is produced, “The good news is we can choose not to participate in systemic cruelty.”

Full coverage of this topic and this day will soon be available as a feature article in the upcoming issue of the MORE… magazine.

UU Ministry for Earth & Artist Rose Gallogly; samples of the food that is often found in our cabinets arranged left to right — most healthy to least healthy; Participants listen to Colleen King, CSJA tell the story of how meat is produced; blessing the Motherhouse grounds at the end of the afternoon; Helen Thomas Colbert, CSJ, and Mark Potter.


Volume 3.1.13 – May 02, 2018

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