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Self-Emptying Love: Living the Vows for Our Times

by Jeanmarie Gribaudo, CSJ

Participants in the “under 65ish” gathering in Chicago

From August 2-5, 2018, Sisters Betsy Conway, Jeanmarie Gribaudo, Barbara McHugh, and Pat Quinn were privileged to attend the first ever national gathering of CSSJs “under 65ish”. We gathered at the Felician Motherhouse in Chicago. The theme for our days together was Self-Emptying Love: Living the Vows for Our Times.

In speaking of the Vow of Obedience: Prophetic Longing, Mary Pellegrino, CSJ/Baden, shared her vast experience as leader both of her own Congregation and of LCWR. Attentively listening and following God’s voice in all we encounter, those easy and not so easy situations, was a paramount theme.

Judy Donovan, CSJ/Lyon, Winslow, gave a moving confession on living of the Vow of Poverty as “God’s business”, that is, Letting Go and Letting God. Her personal experiences as well as her congregation’s heroic, yet painful, decisions to cease accepting vocations, sell properties, and surrender their right to representation as a province gave all of us much to ponder.

Joannie Cassidy, SSJ/Philadelphia, broke open her understanding of The Vow of Chastity as a Woman in Love. She showed some poignant slides of artwork that has helped her reflect deeply on this vow and shared beautiful original poetry. One story was about her journey with her mother who was suffering through MS and dementia. As Joannie massaged her mother’s feet, their eyes met and her mother asked, “We know each other, don’t we?” and “What would I do without you?” Joannie urged each of us to create space so that God can ask those same questions, “We know each other, don’t we?” and “What would I do without you?”

Each speaker reminded us that we came as our sister…any one of us could be presenting as we all share the same journey. There were wonderful spaces to deepen our CSSJ bonds with those in our cohort. Hopefully, this short article will want you to know more…. So videos of the presentations will soon be available at

PICTURED: Participants in the “under 65ish” gathering in Chicago


Envisioning the Future of Religious Archives

by Mary Rita Grady, CSJ

In three tightly-scheduled days, archivists, historians, and leaders of religious congregations of men and women met at Boston College from July 11-13, 2018, to envision the future of religious archives. The co-chairs were Malachy McCarthy, Province Archivist of the Claretian Missionaries and Christian Dupont, Librarian at the Burns Library at Boston College, which was the host. This was the first such meeting intended to include historians and congregation leaders, in addition to archivists. Since some religious groups are coming to completion, and as the mode of commitment is changing, the conveners saw this as the opportune moment (kairόs) for common consideration by the various constituencies to consider the urgency of “telling the story” and of preserving the records which testify to the narratives.

The varied modes of the sessions gave opportunity for participants to look at topics from the threefold positions. Mealtimes offered occasions to connect with participants of similar interest, greet friends from past meetings and encounters, and make new connections. In addition to the wide-ranging and international flavor of the assembly, Sisters of St. Joseph made the effort to connect with each other, as can be seen in the photograph.

PICTURED: Participants in the archivists gathering at Boston College. Mary Rita Grady, CSJ, is 4th from right.


Our Dear Neighbors…Sisters of St. Joseph + Cistercian Nuns

by Brenda Forry, CSJ




This past year, Sister Francesca Molino, OCSO, a Cistercian nun from Mount St. Mary’s Abbey, Wrentham, has lived with us at St. Joseph Hall. Sister Francesca studied at and received her LPN from Mass Bay Community College. To say thank you for opening our home to her, Mother Maureen invited the entire St. Joseph Hall community to the Monastery on July 30, 2018.  Mount St. Mary’s Abbey is a community of Cistercian nuns who live a contemplative life of prayer and work. After Mass and lunch, we had a tour of the property and entertainment. It was a wonderful day. As a remembrance, each sister received a gift bag with candy and a card designed by one of the sisters. It said in part, “A day with our dear neighbors… Sisters of Saint Joseph + Cistercian nuns. Let us keep each other in our hearts and prayers.” A strong bond has been formed with us that will continue into the future.

PICTURED: Memento Card from the Cistercian Sisters; S. Francesca leaves St. Joseph Hall; Sisters Theresa Pond, Francesca, and Patricia O’Neill; St. Joseph Hall Sisters and Cistercian Sisters share conversation; Brenda Forry, CSJ, with Mother Maureen; Glass etching by Adela Rodriquez, CSJ, made for S. Francesca; CSJs and OCSOs prepare for entertainment.



Volume 3.2.4 – September 5, 2018

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