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New Year, New Backpacks

by Emma Marshall, Casserly House Jesuit Volunteer

This summer, Casserly House was able to distribute 50 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to local students. These backpacks and supplies were generously donated by Backpacks for New Beginnings and the Spirit of Life community, enabling Casserly House to help students prepare for a successful school year. Youngsters were able to select a backpack in their favorite color or pattern. Inside these bags they found everything they might need for academic success, from pencils to calculators to glow-in-the-dark rulers.

The average school supply “haul” for elementary schoolers today can cost as much as $650, so these backpacks have real value to our students and meet a genuine need. We are excited to watch our students use their new pencils, crayons, and notebooks in their academic pursuits this year. We know they will study hard and make us proud!

Living and Sharing our Story

by Linda Boothroyd, CSJA

CSJ Boston Ministry

On Saturday, September 8 the Associates gathered with vowed members of the community, new and old friends for their first meeting of the 2018-2019 year. The topic was Living and Sharing Our Story. We began with an informal “speed getting-to-know-you” session that provided brief glimpses into who we are. The members of our new leadership council, Sisters Lee Hogan, Cathy Clifford, Marian Batho, Betsy Conway, Judy Costello, and Denise Kelly then shared their stories. They gave a brief overview of where they came from, family life, God’s invitation to follow in many ways.

Our stories are told by our lives and actions and are continuing every day. We are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle or mosaic who fit together to create a beautiful whole. There is a richness in each person’s story. We become a vibrant, living story directed by God. Remember – when in doubt – love. We are each here for a reason – God is faithful and God has a purpose for each one of us.

We spent time in quiet reflection pondering our own personal stories, when we experience God in our lives, and how can we proclaim and live our shared stories. We ended a very rich morning when we came together in small groups to share the fruit of our reflections.

PICTURED: Associates and Sisters participate in the “speed getting-to-know-you” activity; during the presentation by our Leadership Team, all participants raised their hands in blessing the team as the group sang “May the Longtime Sun” by Sara Thomsen.

Telling our CSJ Story through Social Media

As we move forward with our 2017-2018 Chapter directions, we are pleased share that we have collaborated with Regis College to secure Jared Arntzen, a graduate intern in Communications, to assist us in broadening our reach to multiple audiences as we continue to “Tell the CSJ Boston Story” to ever widening circles. Jared comes to us with skills in a number of social media platforms; he is enthusiastic to learn about our history, mission, and ministries to integrate all the many pieces of who we are as sisters, associates, agrégeé candidates, partners in mission, and more. Jared is researching our website, our Congregation and Sponsored Ministries, as well as a variety of websites and social media platforms of organizations with which we are interconnected [LCWR, CSSJ Federation, etc.] This will help in creating a digital media strategy that will expand our interaction with a wider, more diverse audience. Expect to hear more from Jared as the semester unfolds.

PICTURED: Jared Arntzen at work in our CSJ Boston Communications Office





Volume 3.2.5 – September 19, 2018

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