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Effects of Social Media on Human Trafficking Today

By Ellen Powers, CSJ & Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ

PICTURED: Part of the PowerPoint presented by FBI speakers. Mary Lou Simcoe, SUSC, and Ellen Powers, CSJ, during registration; Betsy Goodwin, OFM, leads participants in prayer

Statistics tell us that adolescents spend a minimum of 6.5 hours on their devices each day. A panel of high school students claim that number is too low and, in fact, they insist that high school students spend far more time than that in front of their screens. These are staggering figures that cause one to question what influence this might have on the life of a teenager. Knowing the vulnerability of the adolescent, the Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition decided that the 9th Anti-Trafficking Symposium should focus on the
relationship between social media and human trafficking.

On October 13, 2018, Officers James Smith and John Norberini, both members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, addressed the issue out of their own experience as officers who investigate crimes against
children. Officer James Smith focuses on violent crimes against children, child pornography, human trafficking, missing children, and parental kidnapping. Officer John Norberini investigates internet crimes against
children (ICAC) including pornography, exploitation, and potential abduction.

Using a team approach they shared facts, videos, and authentic examples as reinforcement. Their stories were real and very disturbing but they underscored the depth of the problem which was captured in the questions and
responses by those in attendance. Their presentation followed a viewing of the film, I AM LITTLE RED. This short documentary is based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. It is co-written by a group of 10 survivors of sex-trafficking ages 14-21. It is aimed at raising awareness and prevention among the most vulnerable of children.

The day was informative and unsettling. It substantiated the impact of social media on human trafficking, and reinforced the importance of raising awareness and strengthening the efforts toward eradicating this form of Modern Day Slavery.

Please join the Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition of the Boston Unit of LCWR Region I for a PRAYER VIGIL at the MOTHERHOUSE of the SISTERS OF ST JOSEPH Sunday, January 13, 2019 1:00PM

Bethany Property: The Story Lives

By Carolyn Mahoney, CSJA

Associates and sisters gathered together on a crisp Sunday afternoon, October 14, 2018, in the beautiful new activities room at Bethany. The meeting began with a reading of the CSJ Associate Vision Statement: “Enflamed with the compassion of God, we Associates, women and men of the Church, rooted in the Gospel together with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston are impelled by the active, inclusive love of God to: deepen our relationship with God and the Dear Neighbor without distinction; foster prophetic communion; and journey into the future with Sisters and Associates throughout the world with all God’s creation.” (adapted version of the Boston CSJ Vision Statement)

We are grateful to Therezon Sheerin, CSJ, and Shannon Vinton for their presentation Bethany Property – The Story Lives. Their presentation opened with song and prayer, followed by a PowerPoint depicting details about the property. Their historical account, complete with anecdotes and photographs, began with the gift of the estate by MM F in 1916, and spanned the past century. Over the years, buildings on the estate served a variety of purposes, evolving in response to changing needs of the congregation.

During the day, we created gift bags for each Bethany resident. The bags contained small items donated by sisters and associates. At the conclusion of the day, we visited and distributed these gift bags to each resident. The conversations and gifts were very much appreciated by all.

PICTURED: Part of the PowerPoint deck; Therezon Sheerin,
CSJ during her presentatoon; those present raise their hands in blessing during the prayer

CSJs Rally Against “Public Change” Rule

On October 15, Fanueil Hall was the site of a rally against the proposed change in the “Public Charge” rule, which would be harmful to immigrants. CSJs participated, displaying signs in support of immigrants. Pictured here: Sisters Pat Andrews, Mary Black, Maureen Doherty, Betty Cawley, and Carlotta Gilarde.

Volume 3.2.8 – October 31, 2018

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