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Make a Difference in Allston-Brighton

By Marian Batho, CSJ, and Jill Uchiyma, The Literacy Connection Director

PICTURED: Participants gather to recognize volunteers; Marian Batho, CSJ, greets volunteer presenters; The Literacy Connection Directors, Pat Andrews, CSJ, and Jill Uchiyma.

A gathering of volunteers from 19 organizations in the Allston/Brighton area was hosted at our Motherhouse on October 29. After time to socialize, visit tables, and learn about volunteer opportunities in our neighborhood, participants came together for an opportunity to honor these volunteers. Marian Batho, CSJ, Leadership Team Liaison to The Literacy Connection, welcomed all present saying, “It is so impressive to meet such a diverse group who respond generously to the concerns that are in front of us every day. The Sisters of Saint Joseph live by a very important phrase, ‘Love of neighbor without distinction’. We are honored to welcome you to our home and to partner with you in making a difference.”

Jill Uchiyama, Director of The Literacy Connection and chair of the committee that organized the evening, reminded all that, “Volunteers stand behind the scenes working consistently to make something possible for others. They inherently care about people without a paycheck or recognition. Some programs represented
tonight are almost entirely driven by volunteers. You’re the ones who make it possible for us to continue year after year. You show up at our schools, institutions, offices, parks, farms, and playgrounds with a smile, ready to give, ready to respond. You are sustained by the richest of human values and make a real difference in other peoples’ lives and in our community. You come back, week after week, month after month, and often, year by year.

Dear volunteers of Allston and Brighton, tonight is about you. It is about your volunteer spirit that illuminates our work. You bring our collective and individual missions alive. You make a difference every day and your giving spirit fuels the rest of us to keep that love radiating out.” In addition, Amy Abushanub, volunteer speaker from The Gardner Pilot Academy Adult Education program, spoke eloquently about how her ESOL students made her feel at home. Tony D’Isidoro, the volunteer distributor of Community Notes, spoke of the impact of volunteers and the value of making connections.


When Abba Blesses Our Small Gifts: We are Loved and More…

By Judy Swett, CSJA

For associates and sisters from various religious communities, the November 3rd drive to Mercy Medical Center, Springfield, was a drenching experience of a stormy November morning. Fran Popko, SPA, and Gail Furman, SPA, of the New England Region Associates [NERA], hosted their 24th gathering entitled: When Abba Blesses Our Small Gifts.

Rosemary Wrinn, CSJ/Chambery-West Hartford, and Linda Chagnon, CSJA/Chambery-West Hartford, pioneers of this thirty-five+ year associate movement, facilitated an eclectic exploration of how Abba has blest the development of this movement in the following stages: first, sisters sought and mentored potential associates. Second, associates and sisters collaborated in forming new associates. Third, at present, associates are inviting and forming potential associates. We are called to listen to voices of the young and recognize that our future will be different. Rosemary prompted us to consider the Post-Vatican II document “Called and Gifted” which reminds us that we are gifted, loved unconditionally, and more. Lay people, religious, and clergy are all called to universal holiness by virtue of Baptism. In nurturing the associate movement, it is important to hold in our minds and hearts that we advance our congregations’ charism.

Following a stirring, prayerful version of John Denver’s song, You Fill Up My Senses, all were invited to go deep and reflect on a touchstone moment when we experienced the Spirit moving in our heart. During table sharing that followed, we listened deeply. Rosemary encouraged all to affirm and encourage one another as we live into liminal times, remember to absorb each other’s wisdom, and plant seeds.

As we parted from this gathering, the sun was shining and a magnificent rainbow appeared – a reminder that God is the source of our being, that we are loved and more, and then some.

PICTURED: Boston CSJ Associates at NERA: Kathy Tighe, Christine Lachkey, Catherine Sabatini, and Kathie Shute; Carole Anne Scott, Mary O’Rourke, CSJ, Joanne Murphy, Kathryn Davis, and Donna Sordello; Eva Arnott, Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ, and Judy Swett; Joanne Murphy and Judy Swett with Ann McGaharn, ASP, an associate with the Sisters of Providence.

The Oneness of Being CSSJ: Jean McKinney, CSJ, Shares Her Novitiate Experience

By Denise Kelly, CSJ, and Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ

As Jean McKinney, CSJ, captured her Novitiate experience in Concordia, Kansas, we couldn’t help but reflect upon the depth and breadth of the program. It may have been difficult at first to imagine spending eight months away from home in a different culture and with only two other novices. However, it didn’t take long for the bonding to happen, for the similarities to be discovered and the life of a novice to begin. As Jean explained through word and picture, the Federation Novitiate expands the mind, the heart, and the soul of each woman in this stage of her journey. Through prayer, retreats, courses, service, ministry, ‘fun’ times, travel, living community, and sharing life with all who come to Manna House, the Novices grew together and discovered the ‘oneness’ of being CSSJ. Thank you, Jean, for a creative, well-prepared expression of your Canonical Novitiate as lived in Concordia, Kansas.

PICTURED: Jean McKinney, CSJ, during her

Volume 3.2.9 – November 14, 2018

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