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Annual Visit to Solomon Carter Fuller Center

By Linda Boothroyd, CSJA

On Saturday, December 8, 14 associates, sisters and friends visited Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center. This yearly visit to some of our most forgotten dear neighbors is an Advent tradition that we cherish. We bring gifts, sing carols together, and share treats prepared by loving hands. However, the most important gift is presence – both our presence to them and their presence to us. Sharing a smile and a greeting, giving a hug, shaking a hand and praying together we see God’s face in one another. The peaceful Advent stillness is deepened in these expressions of love and hope. Their faces and their words remain with us as a true expression of the gospel message.

PICTURED: Mary Rita Weschler, CSJA, Kathie Shute, CSJA, Sandra Selvarajah, CSJA, Kathy Hagerty, CSJ, Mary Lou Seitz, Linda Boothroyd, CSJA, Julia Passanisi, CSJA, Marianne Miller, CSJA, Sandra’s niece Michelle, Rose Yesu, Mary Rita’s daughter Emma, Rita Cormier, CSJA, Kathy Teahan,
CSJA, Agnes Lugira (Chaplain at Solomon Carter), Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ.

CSJ/CSJA Faces of Christmas 2018

As we celebrate this Christmas season, may we rejoice that our God is near. In the midst of the challenges that surround us, we know that God is near in the communion we share with one another. During this season, we invite all to wholeheartedly embrace our CSSJ charism of inclusive love.

The pictures in this section are from our Advent/Christmas Congregation Gathering on December 14, 2018

Gathered by our Charism of Unity

by Carol Fitzsimmons, CSJ

The agrégée candidates and their mentors spent the first weekend of Advent on retreat at Nahant. The agrégée relationship, which was part of our early history, was revitalized about 12 years ago by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, Kansas.

Maryann Enright, CSJ, and Kathy McCluskey, CSJ, led us in prayerful reflection on the meaning and implication of the vow that each of the four candidates will profess.

Each candidate to experienced a call from God that led to her desire to solemnize that call as an agrégée within the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. It was gift to have the opportunity to be with one another and share around three points, namely: vow to God, fidelity, and charism. This vow is non-canonical.

There was a shared sense that the vow to God is relational – to God and others, and is a radical surrender to God for a lifetime. Simultaneously, this was seen as an invitation to be more intentionally engaged in the world that is part of their reality.

Fidelity was expressed as trusting in the unknown future. Because of the acceptance of Mystery, one is enabled to navigate change. In moving out of oneself, fidelity allows for transformation that is given by God. This fidelity is to God and to the charism.

Finally, it is the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph that uniquely gathers us as sisters, associates, and agrégées. Following Vatican II, Religious were invited to research the origins and spirituality of the group for the sake of renewal of religious life. Our particular charism or gift from God for others is Unity that invites us to see love and service of God IN the love and service of the neighbor.

We are sisters, associates, and agrégées. These names point to the single and simple reality of God’s call, and individuals experiencing this call as invitation from God.

For more about being a sister, associate, or agrégée visit

PICTURED:Marianne Miller CSJA, Joanne Maulden, CSJA, Rosemary Mulvihill, CSJ, Linda Boothroyd, CSJA, Joanne Fantini, CSJA, Carol Fitzsimmons, CSJ, Mary Joan Lofgren, CSJ, and Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ. Masthead photo: sculpture on the grounds of the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Orange, CA. Design inspired by Facebook page of Catholic Sisters of the Upper Mississippi River Valley —

Volume 4.1.3 – December 26, 2018

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