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It may have been a hard decision. But even a Patriots playoff game did not deter more than 100 sisters, associates, and friends from participating in our 10th annual prayer vigil in celebration of Human Trafficking Awareness Week. On behalf of the five congregations represented in the Anti-Trafficking Coalition [ATC] of the Boston Unit of LCWR, Mary Jane Cavallo, SNDdeN, welcomed participants and explained that in addition to this annual vigil the ATC offers educational days as well as speakers for schools, parish groups, and colleges about the reality of human trafficking. Mary Jane commented, “Some may wonder, ‘What progress has been made against human trafficking?’ I personally have seen much healing. Those of us who have been on the staff at the safe house have seen many women regain their dignity and begin new lives.”

Today, police departments are more educated to see the victim as victim and not criminal. Human trafficking awareness is part of training for staff at many hotels and airlines. Eight years ago, Bakhita House was the only safe house. Now there are a number of safe houses in New England. During the prayer, vigil participants had a choice to process outside with the signs pictured on this page or remain inside to reflect on stories of specific human trafficking victims.

In conclusion, Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ, spoke with conviction saying, “We may not be able to put an end to human trafficking, but we continue to work together to raise awareness about its reality; we refuse to let the issue recede into the background. We do not keep silent about this Modern Day Slavery; we challenge structures; we do public witness against Human Trafficking; and we pray together. The prayer concluded with all singing Sara Thomsen’s “By Breath, by Blood, by Body, by Spirit, we are all one.” Indeed, we are all one.

Pictured: Sisters Winnie Dekarski and Claire Morrissey look at anti-trafficking information; Sisters Denise Kelly, Peggy Comfrey, and Betsy Goodwin process outside; Sisters Betty Cawley, Peggy Sullivan, Associate Linda Boothroyd, and Sister Rose Canny during the vigil; participants conclude with singing, “By Breath.” RELIGIOUS CONGREGATIONS WHO ARE PART OF THE BOSTON ATC: Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, Holy Union Sisters, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Medical Missionaries of Mary, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.


an Evening of Prayer
Sunday, January 27, 2019
4:00 to 5:30 PM
at the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse Chapel
637 Cambridge St, Brighton, MA
Guided by Joan Duffy, CSJ & Kathleen Short, CSJ
To register, call 781‐227‐4730
or e‐mail

Who Needs My More?

by Denise Edinger, CSJA

Pictured: Associates and sisters during the January 12, 2019, Associate Gathering

Despite frigid temperatures on Saturday January 12, associates and sisters came together for their first meeting of the new year. Coffee and conversation was followed by the day’s program which included a brief presentation of the Ad Hoc Committee’s results for future planning.

This in turn provided a perfect segue into a video presentation with Carol Zinn, SSJ/ Philadelphia titled, The Charism….The Call to the More. By sharing a few of her personal stories of charism, Zinn challenged all to own our charism. Images of charism as “light through prisms,” and “We don’t have the charism, the charism has us,” “Be as big as God wanted you to be on the day of your baptism,” provided points of departure for personal reflection and group sharing. We left inspired by the question “Who needs my more?” and how do we best bring it forward into our lives in the days ahead.

The video described in this article can be viewed at–iG2a1tNRY&t=8s

Volume 4.1.5 – January 23, 2019

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