the MORE… Online Updates Volume 4.1.7 – February 20, 2019


by Janice Young, CSJA

Embraced by inclusive love, and deep communal prayer, Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ, and I are grateful for the joy we felt in gathering with our New Mexico Associates as we joined in their January meetings. Our spirituality deepened as we were blessed by the loving presence of these associates so committed to the Sisters of St Joseph of Boston.

As we shared our reflection, “Weavings in God’s Inclusive Love”, they graced us by weaving their openness and hospitality. Together we looked at what the beautiful art of weaving tells us of God. We saw the steady warp of threads where God is always with us, and the weft of the entire timeline of our lives. The warp and weft enfold into oneness with God.

We shared how St. Hildegard was a woman whose life was woven into oneness with God – a God who helps us recognize gifts in ourselves that are given by God to build up the Body of Christ. In the spirit of inclusive love, each Associate wrote a prayer on a ribbon. The ribbons were woven onto our simple loom of prayers raising them up to God for all our dear neighbors without distinction. We are thankful to continue to journey towards “the More” in unity with our enchanting New Mexico Associates.


by Kathy Tighe, CSJA

The title of our February gathering was “Do We Hear the Cry of the Poor?” In keeping with our yearly theme of sharing our story, Carlotta Gilarde, CSJ, shared her story of loving and living in Peru, from 1966-1992. She made sure to include all CSJs who ministered in Peru. We started with “Becoming What We Pray”1 a new song for us which set the tone for the day. Carlotta shared about her life in Lima, Peru which included listening, educating, and being present to the people. Through video, we were privileged to experience Carlotta’s ministry as she introduced us to her parishioners and showed us around her neighborhood in Lima.

Carlotta helped us to better understand the theory of liberation theology as simply living the gospel of Jesus. She explained how Christian Base Communities, gather to see their lived reality, reflect on the situation to make an informed judgment, and then act in ways that transform social structures. Carlotta cited an example of how she and a group of volunteers crossed a picket line to clean the wards of a maternity hospital on a Sunday morning. She explained that being Christian is to be of service. As Carlotta shared about her life in Peru, she radiated love and joy, and embodied the words from the song, “It’s not up to God alone to listen to prayer. It’s not up to God alone to answer. But when the people of God become what we pray, the kingdom of God is revealed.” Truly, Carlotta has and continues to touch lives and reveal the kingdom of God. Gracias, Gracias, Gracias.