the MORE… Online Updates Volume 4.2.12 May 15, 2019

A Fond Farewell to Joanne Mauldin, CSJA

by Brenda Forry, CSJ

On Sunday afternoon, April 28th, the Congregation said good-bye and thank you to Joanne Mauldin, CSJA, for her years of service as our Community Health Care Coordinator. The reception, which was held at Saint Joseph Hall, was filled with more than 100 sisters, family, and friends of Joanne. Many thanks, Joanne, for your compassionate care for all of us. We wish you many blessings in the future.

Pictured: Sisters and guests raise hands in a blessing for Joanne; Joanne’s Aunt Barbara, Brenda Forry, CSJ, Joanne, Joanne’s mother Charlotte; Joanne with Sisters Lee Hogan, Judith Costello, Denise Kelly, and Betsy Conway; Joanne and her son Greg.

The Women’s Table Mothers’ Retreat

by Mary Rita Weschler, CSJA

Pictured: Grandmother, Mary Sheehan, and mother, Jackie Wright, enjoying lunch during The Women’s Table retreat.

The Women’s Table hosted a day-long retreat for mothers of children with special needs and caregivers on Saturday, April 27th, at Mount Carmel Villa in Nahant, MA. The theme for the day was helping parents share their faith in meaningful and loving ways with their children with special needs. Our presenters were Susan Swanson, Diane McCormack, and Mary Rita Weschler, CSJA. Twenty-one mothers and volunteers attended.

This was a special opportunity for respite, relaxation, and mutual support. One grandmother, who is raising her grandson commented, “You gave us hope and strength to face the future with our children, knowing that others are there to listen and support us. I will always remember this weekend.” Participants were gifted with journals, pens, and other meaningful takeaways from the day. This special time by the ocean was deeply appreciated by all. Participants left renewed, refreshed, and holding a deeper awareness of their own giftedness.

CSJ Associates Wholeheartedly Embrace the Charism of Unifying Love

by Cathy Clifford, CSJ

Pictured: Associates gather around the altar as they renew their commitment; Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ, Kathie Shute, CSJA, and Laurie Abruzzi, CSJA; Cathy Clifford, CSJ, welcomes all to the celebration.

Cathy Clifford , CSJ, began our 2019 Associate Commitment Renewal by welcoming all present, as well as those watching via video streaming including those in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. She then went on to say, “I presume that every person here has had experiences of asking one or more of the following questions:

  • Do I still want to do this?
  • Do I still want to be in this relationship?
  • Do I still want to devote myself to this?
  • Is this the person with whom I want to spend my life?
  • Did I really make that promise? The questions could go on.

Whether we are thinking about our ministry, our profession, our spouse, our connections, it is true to say that all of us, in some fashion, have had to recommit again and again and again. And so today, the Associates of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston are here to commit themselves once again in the spirit of the CSJs and to embrace wholeheartedly the charism of Unifying Love.
Commitment is not easy. It requires a great deal of effort, a lot of thought, a making of space in one’s heart for what is required, an acceptance of norms, and a courage to pray to a God from whom we take our cues – ones that we might not always choose on our own. What good and courageous and selfless people you are to make this recommitment. We admire you and give thanks for your presence on the journey.”

Volume 4.2.12 – May 15, 2019

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