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by Jeanmarie Gribaudo, CSJ

From May 30 to June 2, Pat Quinn, CSJ, and Jeanmarie Gribaudo, CSJ, attended a conference of the Collaborative Leadership Development Program (CLDP), a gathering of sisters under 65 who have participated in leadership development programs. The idea behind these programs is the realization that all are called to leadership in some form.

There were two focal points for this conference. Both emanated from the history of our Jewish brothers and sisters. First: Like our Jewish ancestors after the destruction of the temple in 70AD, our congregations have a lot of letting go to do – letting go of one another through illness or death, letting go of our institutions, letting go of what was.

Second: The story of Ruth, Naomi, and Orpah offered much for reflection as we discussed our reality. Orpah, the little known daughter-in-law who left Ruth and Naomi to do what Naomi had originally asked and did what God had planned for her. Orpah risked to go forward into the mystery and Ruth, who refuses to leave Naomi and risked in another way, not knowing what was ahead. No judgment should be passed on these woman. Both ways of moving into the future demand risk and necessitate loss.

Loss will be part of our going forward. How will we do this in order for something new to come forth? How will we embrace the suffering that comes with such loss? Will we react or create? How do we remain steadfast and flecible as we find our way forward, as we embrace the unknowing of alienation, risk, and loss? We need these conversations with peers to have the courage to take the next steps.

This and other such gatherings are critically important for those of us who entered in “parties” of one or two. Coming together this way provides an opportunity to discuss with peers where we have been and discover where the voice of the Beloved is beckoning. Gratitude abounds for opportunities for such critical conversations among peers. As we continue to walk with our individual congregations through this current reality, the words of St Paul offer hope, “Regardless of living for dying we belong to the Lord.”

Pictured: CSSJ Participants in the 2019 Leadership Collaborative. Pat Quinn, CSJ, pictured in second row far right. Jeanmarie Gribaudo, CSJ, pictured back row second from right.

Welcoming Summer, Casserly Style

by Emma Marshall, Casserly House Jesuit Volunteer

Pictured: Casserly House picnic goers enjoy sweets from the the E5 Boston Police Department ice cream van.

This June, the Casserly House community celebrated the advent of summer at our annual Driveway Picnic. This event is open to all our students, their families, our friends, supporters, and , of course, our dear neighbors. We take this time every year to gather in fellowship and celebrate the accomplishments of another fruitful year.

This year was no exception – we had a fabulous time lifting up our community and its many gifts! We were honored by the presence of several special guests. Davey the Clown performed a hilarious show that kept us all in stitches. The E5 police department brought their famous ice cream van to share sweet treats and join us for the celebration.

Our younger friends had a blast playing games, getting their faces painted, and making slime (and a mess), while our adult students, board members, friends, and neighbors spent time in conversation and shared delicious food and meaningful stories.

We would like to offer particular thanks to Davey [the Clown] Holzman, the E5 precinct, and our committed board members for making the day possible and successful. We could not offer this event without their support – we are so blessed to have them! We are looking forward to a busy and productive summer, and we were happy to kick it off in style.

Farewell to Tom Nunan

by Maureen Doherty, CSJ

As I began to reflect on what I would share about Tom, a song from A Chorus Line kept running through my mind, “One, singular sensation, that’s who Thomas Nunan is!” One singular sensation who seven years ago was commissioned with the task of bringing together a faculty and staff who would create, “a dynamic, innovative authentic community” … where “we are all learners and discoverers…. a “collaborative and student-centered place which develops the whole person while exploring new ways of imagining and creating in an ever-changing world.”

And so Tom, you set about to do just that, and do it well you did! Ever conscious of the Sisters of St. Joseph charism of unifying love, you have led by example and created a community of people who respect and care for each other. Your spirituality is gospel-centered and you freely share this with all of us. Picture over three hundred people gathered at St. Joseph Prep’s Phoenix Hall and being invited by Tom to sit in silence for few minutes and hear Jesus say to them, as he did to Bartimeus, “What do School, St. Joseph Prep. you want me to do for you?”

If I were to answer Jesus’ question today, I would probably say, “I want you to leave Tom with us!” Although our hearts are heavy at the thought of your not being with us, we also are confident that, like Jesus, you have trained your disciples well to carry on your values, your message. So go now in peace, dear friend, knowing you are ever a part of our lives. All the good you have done will live on in our Saint Joseph Prep Family.

Pictured: MaureenDoherty, CSJ; Tom Nunan, Head of School, St. Joseph Prep.

Donor Appreciation Day: We Gather with Grateful Hearts

Words of welcome by Cathy Clifford, CSJ

We are so very happy to have you here with us –Welcome!! We are delighted that you could come to be with us this morning. You are here in our chapel, our home, because you really are partners with us on this journey, and we want you to know what a difference you make to the work we are about. We could not do this without you. I repeat — we could not do this without you.

Today we celebrate the feast of Pentecost – the feast of God’s Spirit with us and you certainly exemplify that spirit in your own lives and in your support of our ministries. We gather together around the table of the Lord, and then later around a meal together, with grateful hearts because you are so greatly appreciated. And so, on behalf of Carol Mack, our Director of Mission Advancement, her colleagues; Karen Yee and Bob Tamulis and on behalf of all Sisters of St Joseph I am delighted to welcome you. All Are Welcome!

Pictured: Pentecost Roses and Liturgy program; Lee Hogan, CSJ, offers words of gratitude to all present; Lois Connors, CSJ [center] and Florence Kahler, CSJ [ 4th from left] with guests; Cathy Mozzicato, CSJ, Elaine Ghiloni, Prudence McCarthy, CSJ, and Sharyn Ghiloni.

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