the MORE… Online Updates Volume 4.2.4 Summer 2019

Lift Our Kids Out of Deep Poverty

by Betty Cawley, CSJ

On July 16, there was a hearing at the State House on the “Lift Our Kids Out of Deep Poverty” bills (S.36 and H.102). The bills would increase Transitional Assistance to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) over the next several years until grants reached 50% of the federal poverty level. Nancy Braceland, CSJ, gave testimony at the hearing as part of a Faith-based panel; Trish Appert, Director of Bethany Hill Place, submitted written testimony. Sisters Pat Andrews, Maryann Enright, and Carlotta Gilarde, as well as Ida Paez, CSJA, attended the hearing in support of the bills.

Pictured: Maryann Enright, CSJ, Ida Paez, CSJA, Pat Andrews, CSJ, Trish Apert, Bethany Hill Place, Carlotta Gilarde, CSJ, Nancy Braceland, CSJ; Nancy Braceland, CSJ [center] gives testimony at the hearing.

Backpacks for Needy Quincy Children

by Jean McKinney, CSJ

Pictured: Anne Conway, CSJ, Alice Mary Brady, CSJ, and Rita McCormack, CSJ, were among those who participated in the backpack project. Read more about this project at:‐drive/

The sisters at Fontbonne Convent read that their Quincy neighbors served by Interfaith Social Services Food Pantry were in need of backpacks for school-age children. They pooled their resources and energy, went shopping, and filled backpacks with age-appropriate school supplies for children in grades K-12. The food pantry serves about 750 school-age children each month. Every August they distribute backpacks full of school supplies to the children of food pantry clients. This initiative emphasizes the importance of education, defrays an additional cost faced by clients, and helps kids start the year right.

Claiming the Now of Religious Life

by Pat Qunn, CSJ

The CSSJ Collaborative which consists of sisters sixty-five and under gathered in Kansas City in mid-August for their second annual gathering.

The discussion centered around “The sacredness of the present moment dreaming into the future. Linda Buck, CSJ, and Amy Hereford, CSJ, two presenters who are members of the collaborative shared challenging presentations, featuring time for small group discussion and the opportunity to digest and integrate the material, centered around the theme “Claiming the Now of Religious Life.” Read more full article by Patty Johnson, CSJ, at

Pictured: Pat Quinn, CSJ, Barbara McHugh, CSJ, Betsy Conway, CSJ, and Jean McKinney, CSJ, were Boston CSJs who participated in this year’s CSSJ Collaborative’s August meeting.


by Ginny Kelleher, CSJ

We’ve heard that “when life gives you lemons… make lemonade.” Well, that’s just we sisters at St. Joseph Hall did on Sunday, July 21st. We were disappointed when our trip to “Reagle Players” Sound of Music production was cancelled due to extreme heat. But those “lemons” didn’t last long. In no time flat, a replacement show was planned. The lemonade was being made. We got the DVD for the show and gathered at 1:00 p.m. in the community room to enjoy the movie. Ice water was available; a popsicle intermission hit the spot! Needless to say, the hills of Framingham were “alive with the sound of music!”

Pictured: The invitation to the “replacement show”; Mary O’Rourke, CSJ, Therezon Sheerin, CSJ, and Donata Marie Cardarelli, CSJ; Catherine Nevin, CSJ, Teresa Moran, SSJ in background.

Volunteers in Mission 2019

Volunteers in Mission is celebrating the ninth year of being hosted at Fontbonne Convent. This year sisters and associates served at St. Francis House and Casserly House. In addition to VIM prayer, the group gathered each evening with the local Fontbonne Convent community for dinner, an evening of Taizé prayer, and a mid-week outing to Castle Island which all enjoyed. The spirit of the week energized both the VIMs and the Fontbonne sisters. The current coordinators, Pat Quinn, CSJ, and Kathy Tighe, CSJA, are already looking toward 2020 and what new possibilities might unfold.

Pictured: The Fontbonne Convent Community, Volunteers in Mission, and supporters of the program gathered on the final evening; Pat Quinn, CSJ, [center] takes meal orders during the Castle Island outing surrounded by Eva Arnot, CSJA, Margaret Lelakes, CSJA, Claire Morrissey, CSJ, Jean McKinney, CSJ, and Eunice Condrick, CSJ; VIM participants, Kathy Tighe, CSJA, Judy Swett, CSJA, Pat Quinn, CSJ, and Ida Paez, CSJA, prepare clothing for guests at St. Francis House.