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A Friend to the Family

by Jill Uchiyama, Director of The Literacy Connection

Tutors and students discover The Literacy Connection in a variety of ways and I’m always amazed by how perfectly people come together! Take Mei Qing Wang and Lois Leventhal, for example.

Like so many adults looking for ESOL help in Massachusetts, Mei Qing Wang waited patiently for a place in a program – for six years. Her sister-in-law told her about The Literacy Connection, a Congregation Ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, and she was added to the list. When I contacted Mei Qing to come in for testing, Lois Leventhal had simultaneously expressed interest in becoming a tutor, and the possibility of a perfect tutoring match was in the works.

Lois discovered The Literacy Connection through a Google search. As a teacher of piano, Lois was looking for a new way to donate her time toward education and tutoring. Though she had never tutored English before, her daughter ran a literacy program in Portland, OR. After a few weeks of emailing, I met with Lois and from there, Lois was introduced to Mei Qing. Mei Qing and Lois work together every week for the one and a half hour tutoring session and, as happens so often, they have become friends.

While most of The Literacy Connection students meet at The Sisters of Saint Joseph Motherhouse in Brighton, Mei Qing and Lois meet at Fontbonne Convent in Milton. Mei Qing has raised her English level by improving her speaking, grammar, and writing and says she enjoys the grammar exercises, dictations, and crosswords. Lois tries to find ways to help Mei Qing develop her vocabulary and speak and express her opinions.

With some direction, the two have kept their tutoring going strong. Recently, Lois was invited to meet the family and Mei Qing’s husband prepared dinner for her. Lois even taught their daughter Athena, age 11, how to play the piano and also helped with her reading.

Going forward, Lois will be adding another family member, De Liang Li, to her volunteer commitment. “Fontbonne Convent is a beautiful, quiet place to tutor,” said Lois, “and we look forward to coming here.” The Literacy Connection welcomes new tutors.

For more information, contact Jill at

Pictured: Mei Qing Wang, Jill Uchiyama, and Lois Leventhal

Season of Creation

Visit the home page of our website to view a short slide show celebrating the “Season of Creation”
Season of Creation

Meet Our New Health Care Coordinator

I am excited and blessed to join the Sisters of St Joseph community as one of two Health Care Coordinators. My responsibilities include coordinating the healthcare needs of the sisters at the Motherhouse, Fontbonne Convent and other sisters living in the greater Boston area. I will be advocating for them in hospital settings, at medical office visits and in helping to decide appropriate treatment plans. I perform minor nursing tasks, offer medical advice, and continuously assess the health and welfare of sisters.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet everyone and advocate for their needs in the future. — Mary Hanlon RN, BSN

Confessions of a Social Media Surfer

courtesy of Jean McKinney, CSJ

“I’m social but I’m not on social media…”
I’ve heard this comment from sisters, associates, agrégées, friends, and more. When possible, I show them how it’s possible to keep up to date with what’s being posted on our CSJ Boston Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels. Here’s the secret! Just go to our website.

You will see a row of little icons in the upper right corner? These are icons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. When you first click on them you may be asked to register. Just ignore that or click the X. If you’re on a mobile device, you need to scroll to the bottom to find these icons.

“Maxim Monday” is posted each week by the Communications Office. You can view it on both Facebook and Instagram. They are also working with the Justice Office on a series for the Season of Creation which you can see there too. So even without setting up your own social media accounts, you can stay updated about efforts to share our mission with the world and tell the story of all that is evolving. Have fun “surfing!”

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What is God inviting you to do with your life?
How will you know?

Come and Be!

Fiat provides and opportunity to pray and learn more about the call to religious life.


Discernment 101

What is discernment vs. decision making?
Sister June Fitzgerald, OP

October 2, 2019

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Sisters of St. Joseph
637 Cambridge Street, Brighton, MA 02135

If you know someone who would like to attend or would like more information contact:
Sister Marian Batho
617-746-2025 /

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