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CSJs and Contributing to the Common Good

Each year, the Regis College Center for Ministry and Service hosts the Sisters of St. Joseph during Regis’ heritage week. This year the featured speakers were students in last spring’s Honors Seminar: Contributing to the Common Good, taught by Mary L. Murphy, CSJ. A course requirement was to offer 30 hours of service at a CSJ Boston Ministry. Students shared how the course readings, discussions, and service learning experiences opened their minds and hearts not only to know what it means to contribute to the common good, but also how that happens through the lens of the Sisters of St. Joseph Charism.

The group was warmly welcomed by Mary Lou Jackson, Toni Hayes, and Dan Leahy. Next, Julie Tapia, a student from Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles, led all in prayer. Julie explained that she is part of the ACSSJ student exchange program and is here for one semester. She went on to tell us, “I have grown up with Sisters of Saint Joseph teaching and mentoring me – so I often make connections to the charism in my everyday life, much like today.

Before we start our prayer, I would like to share the state of my heart. When I look at you, I make a parallel to a piece of lace. Each one of you represents a thread. It is captivating to see which threads cross over each other, which threads intertwine, and which ones tie together or remain independent. No matter which way it goes, it always makes something absolutely beautiful.

Many many years ago in 17th century France, our six Sisters of Saint Joseph began the thread of what we know now as our charism. Since then it has grown from the very sisters who sit before us today to all of you gathered here and our greater Regis Community. With that as the backdrop, Let us pray…

When reflecting on this day I invite you to bring yourself back to the image of lace… And how very much you all have in common with it – a sacred thread that connects one to the other. With this, we gather in divine love and unity to give thanks. We come in gratitude for the students who carry the charism in their hearts- loving our Dear Neighbors without distinction, while weaving their thread into the lives of many others throughout this week We give thanks for the presence of the inspirational wisdom figures who have filled our hearts with a joy to live a life devoted to our authenticity. And of course, we give thanks for the ever-so-loving Sisters of Saint Joseph who remind us how to embody a reality where, ‘Their kitchen became their church. Their conversations about who and what they encountered became their gospel. Their meal on their table was their Eucharist. They shared their hearts with each other and Divine Love gave them the strength to get up and go out the next day.’The conversation began in the Le Puy kitchen. May the conversation continue right here, right now.’ “ — Sister Darlene Kawulok, CSJ

Pictured: Dan Leahy, Julie Tapia, and Anabella Morabito; speakers Andy Kinney, Lilly Wyand, and Rachel Briden; Sisters and Regis students during the dinner.

The Ever-widening Circle of Our Associate Relationship

By Kathie Shute, CSJA

This season’s first associate gathering began with an overview of opportunities for associates to broaden relationships with other associates, sisters, and agrégées within our CSSJ Federation and with congregations throughout the country. Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ, and Laurie Abruzzi, CSJA, suggested potential volunteer opportunities within the Congregation, as well as reaching out to neighbors in need. Margaret Lelakes, CSJA, described CSSJ lacemaking workshops attended by sisters, associates and agrégées in Maine and at our Motherhouse in Brighton.

Kathy Tighe, CSJA, and Judy Swett, CSJA, shared experiences from the 2019 NACAR gathering in Houston, Texas, where Janet Mock, CSJ, presented Living the Charism in Turbulent Times. The North American Conference of Associates and Religious strives to serve, empower, and promote the associate-religious relationship.

Kathie Shute, CSJA, described a series of Zoom conferences in which associate leaders across the US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph participate. A support to associate leaders, the conferences provide opportunities to meet, share conversations, and broaden connections with others throughout the country, thereby enhancing a communal identity among associates.

Catherine Sabatini, CSJA, and Denise Edinger, CSJA, members of the Ad Hoc Committee for Leadership, outlined the process that will take place as we prepare to elect our next associate leadership team.

The day offered opportunities to reconnect with others, as well as moments of prayer, quiet reflection, group discussion and sharing. Kathie highlighted our four focus areas – Spirituality, Community, Participation, Vision – and invited all to consider: “What topic draws you? Where do you feel called?”

Acknowledging that we belong to something broader than what we are right here, we continue to seek collaborative ventures for engagement with others, and with our charism of unifying love.

Pictured: Kathie Shute, CSJA, speaks about opportunities to broaden connections; NACAR logo — visit to learn more; Rita Cormier, CSJA, offers comments; Geri Costigan, CSJA, Nancy Santangelo , CSJA, and Dolores Dauenhauer, CSJA, during the prayer service.

Saturday, October 19, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Human Trafficking Awareness
11th Annual Symposium

Presenter: Ann Wilkinson
Life My Choice
You See Me
‘Empowering Youth, Ending Exploitation’
Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse

Registration will take place as you arrive.
Sponsored by the Anti-Trafficking Coalition of LCWR Boston Unit

Volume 4.2.6 – October 2, 2019

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