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Casserly House Kids Dive Head First into Halloween at Regis College

By Adrianna Corriveau

One Iron Man, one pirate, two clowns, two Batgirls and a skeleton all walk into the Regis College student center. Scratch that! All ran into the student center. The excitement the Casserly House kids felt as they saw the decorated student center, filled with sounds of welcome and fun, was obvious in their wide eyes and smiling faces. With homework off their mind and candy in their hands, the Casserly House kids dove headfirst into all of the fun Regis had to offer. From playing with ooey gooey slime to mummy-wrapping their friends, our students couldn’t wait to try their hand at each unique activity.

Not only did they have fun interacting with the Regis College students, they each had the chance to form new bonds with their Casserly House friends. After all, anything is easier when dressed as a superhero. The evening finished with bellies full of pizza, bags full of candy, and hearts full of joy. It was summed up with the expectant look in one fourth grader’s eyes as she asked, “When can we do this again?” We want to extend a huge thank you to Anabella Morabito for coordinating such a lovely event, as well as the Regis faculty, staff, and students who participated in making this a memorable evening for the Casserly House kids. We’re already counting down for next year!

Pictured: Casserly House students enjoy their Halloween party at Regis College.
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One with Love’s Unfolding

One with Love’s Unfolding was the theme of a morning program offered by St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries. Dolores Clerico, SSJ/Philadelphia, the keynote speaker, began by explaining, “Clearly there’s a thread that connects us all…an approach to life that draws all into one.”

She continued saying, “This call to draw all into one does not belong to the CSSJs alone although we have a distinctive way of going about this and it shapes all the works connected to us. We’re all in this together equally. God has given each of us unique gifts not for ourselves alone. We are all God’s partners in this movement. It’s our common call. Christians commit to this by way of baptism. Those who make vows profess in a public way that it will define everything about us. Sisters do this in a way to stay focused.”

Throughout the morning Dolores wove together aspects of our charism that encompassed cosmic, interpersonal, and personal circles in which all participate. She concluded by commenting, “There’s this vast arena out there waiting for your love. There is no limit to the ways you and I can love as God loves.”

Pictured: Dolores Clerico, SSJ; participants in the program.

Bethany Health Care Center: A Little Corner of Red Sox Nation

By Ann Marie Willhite, Mission Integration Facilitator

“Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park …” is a popular song at Bethany Health Care Center where many residents are huge supporters and fans of the Boston Red Sox. In our little corner of Red Sox nation, the air was filled with excitement and buzz as the residents and staff gathered in the activity center to await the arrival of the 2018 Red Sox World Series trophy. The visit, arranged by Executive Director James Argir, delighted everyone.

It was an amazing feat of coordination and collaboration as Team-Bethany in the form of nurses, activities personnel, and volunteers made sure all residents were ready to gather and have their pictures taken with the trophy. The activity center was filled to capacity and the air was festive as everyone sang “Sweet Caroline.” Staff joined in the fun as they stopped for a photo op dressed in their Red Sox attire. The question on everyone’s lips that afternoon was, “Did you get your picture taken?”

It is always a pleasure to see residents and staff gather for playful celebration. There is a great deal of love, affection, and life in this multi- generational, multi-cultural extended family we call Bethany. It is at times like these that we see the unity and diversity of God reflected in these faces and feel it in the presence of all gathered together.

Pictured: Sisters Ivan Cadigan and Waltrude Dennis were among the Bethany residents who had their pictures taken with the World Series trophy.

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