the MORE… Online Updates Volume 5.1.9 June 16, 2020

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston Grieve
                               and Cry out Against Racism

On Sunday, June 7, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, associates, agrégées, and friends gathered at the CSJ Motherhouse and joined all who grieve and cry out against racism in all its forms. At this moment, heartbreak, frustration, fear, and outrage are but a few of the disquieting emotions resulting from the fatal arrest of George Floyd of Minneapolis. Armed with colorful heart-felt signs, the group stood in solidarity for peace and equality. Click here to read the media statement about the event;
View a brief video of the prayer here.


As One Chapter Ends, Another Begins, Saying Goodbye to Dear Friends!  

Time to Let Your Good Deeds Shine . . .

More From Our Associates . . .

Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ, provided an overview of activities from associates amid the Covid-19 outbreak. Sandra Selvarajah, CSJA, helped construct 200 masks with others. The masks were distributed to immigrant high school students from Cambridge and Somerville. These students are English language learners, and many are essential workers who continue to work during the pandemic. Sandra is also working all day on the computer, via Zoom, with Walnut Park Montessori students. Margaret Lelakes, CSJA, is also very involved with making masks, and Colleen King, CSJA, has an on-line website Math Playground that is very busy at this time of the pandemic.

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                                          Reflections can be viewed at:                                         You can view the full video at A Nun’s