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Celebrating Jen Reis by Megan Ranus, Casserly House After School Coordinator

On April 7th, the Casserly House community gathered on Zoom to celebrate the incredible impact Jen Reis made during her time as director.
It was a wonderful evening in which we shared prayer, stories, and thanks. The After School students made signs and some of the other attendees had balloons in their backgrounds, creating a celebratory Zoom atmosphere. Attendees took turns expressing their thanks to Jen, sharing stories and memories with the group.
We were happy to present Jen with a gift card to Petco so she can buy goodies for her new puppy! It was a joyous celebration and we were delighted to take the opportunity to show Jen how much she is appreciated and will be missed. Pictured left: Some of the attendees of Jen’s Zoom celebration. Pictured right: Jen Reis

LIVING THE DREAM VIRTUAL GALA – You Can Still Enjoy the Show!

Our first virtual Living the Dream event was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated in this event. Because of YOU and a very, very hardworking committee, we were able to raise funds to support our retired sisters and our ongoing Congregation Ministries! Click through and enjoy the show with our host Karen Holmes Ward, WCVB TV 5, who guided us through the evening. Meet our “Dear Neighbor Award” honorees, Mary Ann Jordan and Hon. Regina Quinlan Doherty. Be sure to watch through to the end when the evening concludes with a number of our sisters singing “Sancte Joseph” which has become a tradition for this event. Go to to view the event.
Pictured right top: Honoree Mary Ann Jordan; Pictured right bottom: Hon. Regina Quinlan Doherty

The 2nd Anti-Trafficking Prayer Vigil by Betsy Goodwin, OSF

The second 2021 Anti-Trafficking Prayer Vigil Zoom meeting was held on Sunday, April 11th. The event was coordinated by the Boston Area Catholic Sisters Anti-Trafficking Coalition, represented by Mary Jane Cavallo, SNDdeN, Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ, Margaret Meyer, MMM, Mary Lou Simcoe, SUSC, and me.
All of our lives have been disrupted this past year by COVID-19. However, Human Trafficking has not been disrupted. As one victim in Worcester recently noted, “It was business as usual. I thought maybe some of the buyers wouldn’t want to put themselves or their families at risk. But that doesn’t seem to affect them; it’s not changing their way of thinking.”
The highlight of the prayer service was when guest speaker Stacy Reed, survivor, author, poet, and motivational speaker, spoke of her experiences.
While most of the world reels from the effects of COVID-19, human traffickers are capitalizing on the pandemic, continuing to prey on the most vulnerable. During these times, it is people like Stacy and other survivors, volunteers, and donors who provide the support and advocacy that affirm for the victims the belief that “I am not what happened to me”.

ASSOCIATE NEWS “God Comes to Us Disguised as Our Lives” by Margaret Lelakes, CSJA

On Saturday, April 17, CSJ Associates welcomed Rosemary Brennan, CSJ, as the guest speaker for our 2021 virtual retreat.
Sister Rosemary offered a rich experience of prayer, contemplation, quiet reflection, and opportunities for conversation as she shared her presentation: Composing a Further Life . . . Wisdom that Emerges in Challenging Times.
Our day began with a question: “What Is Prayer?” Perhaps prayer is simple, everyday action! Life is our prayer! All our acts are blessing! As Paula D’Arcy suggests, “God comes to us disguised as our lives.” Sister Rosemary reflected that in the past year, moments of life-on-hold have been an opportunity to listen deeply, think, pray the million nows we are living, and improve our lives through contemplative engagement.

Highlights included insights shared by Richard Rohr, and reflection on the essence of contemplative engagement: “. . . take a long, loving look at the real. Pay attention, be present, and welcome what comes.”

“ . . . beautifully presented. Grateful to S. Rosemary!”
“. . . wonderful in every way!”
“. . . contemplative engagement in the moments of today.”
“ . . . imagining unseen possibilities.”
“. . . life-long process.”
“. . . borrow the eyes of God!”

To read the complete article Click Here.

You’re Invited to Be a Part of the Year of St. Joseph by Joanne Gallagher, CSJ

As you know, Pope Francis has designated this year as the Year of St. Joseph. Did you know that images of St. Joseph did not begin to emerge until the 10th Century? He was a quiet man in many regards. Most of you reading this have images of Joseph in the form of statues, paintings, wall hangings, and more.
Would you be willing to take a picture of your favorite Joseph image and send it to me? I’m hoping to create a social media campaign for the second half of the Year of St. Joseph. Even if you’re not active on social media, this is one way you can help. Each week I will try to pair one image with a quote from Pope Francis’ letter about St. Joseph or from our CSSJ documents.
Please send the picture electronically. You can take it with a mobile phone and text me at 617.699.7429 or email the image.

Faith-Based Prayer Service by Pat Andrews, CSJ

The first gathering of the Allston/Brighton Faith-Based Leaders prayed together on Wednesday, April 7, in front of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton.
Among the gathering were Father Bob Carr and Pastor Barry Kang from neighboring Allston parishes, Tracy Litthcut, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, and six Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.
The group prayed in thanksgiving for the nurses and doctors who took care of the people with Covid: the staff – custodians, food service, volunteers – those who were on the front lines. They also prayed for those who are the targets of racism and prejudice.
Another prayer service is being scheduled for early May.

Pictured left, Top-down: Circle of participants;
Tracy Litthcut and Mary Black, CSJ; Paul Smith, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Chief Operating Officer, Maureen Doherty, CSJ and Anna Edge, CSJ


Celebrating Earth Day by Betty Cawley, CSJ

On Saturday, April 17th, the Motherhouse community anticipated Earth Day 2021 with a celebration that included liturgy and blessing of the gardens. The liturgy featured music and intentions that reminded us of the beauty and diversity of creation and the dangers that climate change poses for the future of our planet and its inhabitants. A video after Communion featured twelve-year-old Ruby Maher and her family singing “Lullaby for the World,” a video this young Irish girl sent to President Biden with a request that he act on climate change. Following the liturgy, the congregation processed from the Peace Garden to the vegetable gardens, and to the garden around St. Joseph’s statue. At each site, we sang “This Is Holy Ground,” and blessed the land and all its inhabitants. Two Canada geese joined us at the vegetable gardens, no doubt awaiting their blessing.

Pictured right: Barbara Loud, CSJ, blessing the garden; the CSJ Family gathered around Elizabeth Joseph Toomey, CSJ, as she read the Earth Day prayer; the blessing of the St. Joseph statue.

THE WOMEN’S TABLE – Virtual Event  “A Place at the Table”

On May 5, 2021, at 7:00 p.m., The Women’s Table will hold its first virtual event, “A Place at the Table.”

Please join us to celebrate honorees Rita Digesse and Sister Helen Thomas Colbert, CSJ.

We hope you will “tune in” to hear stories of resilience and hope, compassion, and care.

Registration is complimentary, but you must register to receive a link to the event. Go to Click here to learn more.



ST. JOSEPH SPIRITUAL MINISTRIES – Spring/Summer Directed Retreats via Zoom

Make a Directed Retreat in the safety and quiet of your home or special place for prayer. Your director will accompany you for one-on-one sessions each day, listening to the movement of God’s activity in your life. Directed retreats can easily be adapted to meet your needs and schedule.

To view the Spring/Summer options visit:

If you would like to make a retreat of any length and do not see dates that work with your schedule, please feel free to suggest alternate dates and we will do our best to find a director to meet with you. Photo by: Rosemary Brennan, CSJ, used with permission.

Volume 6.1.6 –  April 26, 2021

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