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JUSTICE & PEACE: Let’s Cultivate Respect for the Gifts of the Earth and Creation
by Betty Cawley, CSJ

Laudato Si’ Week (May 17-24) was celebrated with daily presentations and suggested actions highlighting the urgent need for changes in our culture and lifestyles, as suggested in Laudato Si’. Especially stressed was the effect of climate change on the poor, particularly people of color and indigenous peoples. The need for divestment from fossil fuels and conversion to clean energy, the reduction of deforestation, and of our rampant consumerism are just some of the needed changes. On May 25th the Laudato Si’ Action Platform was presented—a seven-year plan for all segments of the Church and society to work toward ecological conversion – personal, communal, institutional, and systemic. At the launch of this program, Pope Francis said:

“Let’s cultivate respect for the gifts of the Earth and creation, let’s inaugurate a
finally eco-sustainable lifestyle and society. We have the opportunity to prepare a
better tomorrow for all. From the hands of God we have received a garden,
we cannot leave a desert to our children.”

CASSERLY HOUSE: After School Summer Fun! by Megan Ranus, Casserly House After School Coordinator

Casserly House has offered an online After School Program since last March 2020. We continued with students after they went back to in-person school this April due to COVID restrictions that limited our in-person services. While our programs have been online, we have tried to stay connected with the After School students. We assembled goody bags for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and the Summer which include items such as candy, temporary tattoos, bubbles, slime, and more. We also offered 1-2 Game Zooms each month, which took place instead of our usual one-on-one tutoring. These Zooms are a space for all of the students to come together to play games, chat and form a community, while also being an opportunity for them to take a break from school and homework. We hope that these adjustments have made a difficult year more enjoyable.
Pictured above: Participants taking part in a game on Zoom.

ASSOCIATE NEWS: Impelled by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston’s Charism by Magalie Torres-Rowe, CSJA

I have been working within the Catholic Church for more than twenty years in parishes and dioceses of Peru, Mexico, and the U.S.A. Reflecting on the source of

Pictured above: Magalie teaching an ESL class at the Latina Center MARIA.

inspiration for my ministries, I realized that the Sisters of St. Joseph played a key role in shaping my understanding of service. At the age of twelve, I learned from their example and teaching that the best way to serve God is to serve the dear neighbor. Today, as a CSJ Associate impelled by Sisters of St. Joseph’s charism and mission, I strive to live this message, remembering always: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…” Col. 3:23.
My ministries involve working to support, educate, and empower students and their families who are members of immigrant communities as they strive to learn English, adapt to a new culture, and embrace the challenges of life here in the United States. Another key ministry is my work with the Latina Center MARIA (Mujer/Madre-Autentica-RestauradaInteligente-Amorosa).

Moving into the future, impelled by God’s inclusive love, I envision an expanding ministry – a ministry of hope: working to empower women through education, and offering tools they need as they guide their children to become the honest, hardworking citizens that society needs.
The Center offers professional development training in Spanish, workshops regarding the learning process and multiple intelligence theory, health, employment, housing, college application process, active parenting, as well as building children’s self-esteem to avoid bullying. Additionally, there are no ESL classes with daycare services in Massachusetts except at our new location at the Lynn YMCA. The Latina Center MARIA is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Keeping Up with Ever-Changing Technology by Darlene Rogers

The impact of COVID-19 has touched each of us, but with the current technology, we continue to reach out to those whom we serve. Whether it’s via Email, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or more, the CSJ community is continually educated in new technology – helping to collaborate, create, and engage in today’s world. More importantly, we stay in touch with family, friends, and our dear neighbors in numerous ways.
Our prayer line is a key example. Your intentions are remembered in prayer by the whole community daily.
Pictured left is Jackie Damoiseau, CSJ, a volunteer of our CSJ MIS Department, assisting sisters – helping them set up, navigate and customize their iPADs.

Pictured left L-R: Sisters Catherine Nevin, Jacqueline Damoiseau and Donata Marie Cardarelli

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston Host the AAPI Heritage Month by Joanne Gallagher, CSJ

Pictured above L-R: Pat Andrews, CSJ, Siobhan McHugh, Kevin Caragee, Jo-Anne Barbour and Maureen Doherty, CSJ.

On May 22, the Allston Brighton Health Collaborative [ABCH] invited all to gather to reflect and celebrate in solidarity with our AAPI [Asian American Pacific Islanders] neighbors. The event was hosted at our CSJ Motherhouse and organized by members of the ABCH including Pat Andrews, CSJ, and Mary Rita Weschler, CSJA. In addition to music, poetry, personal statements, snacks and conversation there was a wonderful spirit of fun and camaraderie. Several local groups including the Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians who led the singing, Faneuil Library and the Ellie Fund were also available to share information. In addition, several local officials joined in support of this event.







Pictured above l-r:Sisters Betty Cawley and Marilyn McGoldrick speaking with AAPI volunteers; Lois Conners, CSJ, and Representatives Kevin Honan and Jon Santiago.

The Community of Joseph

We are happy to be circulating copies of a new CSJ brochure entitled “Join Our Mission.” The purpose of the brochure is to illustrate the variety of ways in which a person might participate in the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The invitation is not only about “joining with the sisters,” but about living the mission of unifying love together in what we are calling the “Community of Joseph” which includes: sisters, associates, agregees, and partners in mission. The brochure may help you to understand your own participation or attract you to another way to live
the mission. If you have questions, if you have received a brochure and want more, or if you haven’t seen it yet and would like a copy please contact:

Sister Maryann Enright ◊ (617-746-1685) ◊
Sister Kathy McCluskey ◊ (617-746-2098) ◊

Download our new brochure here

ARTIFACTS OF THE MONTHNuns Having Fun by Katie McNally, CSJ Archivist

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