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Cry Jubilee! Called to a Radical Following of Christ

Cry Jubilee! After two years of Zooming and streaming we came together for the first large congregation celebration with sisters celebrating 80, 75, 70, 65, and 60 years as Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. The liturgy began with a simple but moving Remembrance Ritual which offered a holy noticing of all the women who witnessed and continue to witness to our CSJ charism.

What follows are excerpts from reflections by Judith Costello, CSJ, during the celebration:

Judith Costello, CSJ

Judith Costello, CSJ

The days of service of these sisters number over 1,350,000! … The world still needs us to “stand with the poor in the struggle for justice”. The world still needs us to “challenge structures wherever they oppress or imprison

people”. The world still needs us to realize “the union of ourselves and all people with God and with one another”.

How graced are we! Called to a “radical following of Christ rooted in our baptismal commitment”, we remain true to our patron Joseph, who found his life in ordinary days, days of fidelity, days of humility, days of courage.

The space in which our future will unfold will be that of such ordinary days. Our partnerships with our associates, agrégées, and those who join us in mission ensure that those days will be worth a thousand-fold. We are on the brink of amazing things yet to come. The promises of our God remain steadfast.

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This month, the CSJs

celebrated two anniversaries: the foundation in Boston (October 2) and the

foundation of the original Sisters of Saint Joseph in Le Puy, France (October 15).

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Associates Happenings: New Mexico and Boston
Memories Touched by Grace

By Patricia Cushing, CSJ

Boston visitors and associates from Albuquerque after a recommitment ceremony.

Boston visitors and associates from Albuquerque after a recommitment ceremony.

Mabel Flores, CSJA, teaching the group how to make tortillas in Santa Rosa.

Mabel Flores, CSJA, teaching the group how to make tortillas in Santa Rosa.

Accompanied by Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, the full moon shed its glow on the New Mexican landscape. As we traveled, an ancient Appalachian carol came to me: “I wonder as I wander out under the sky, how Jesus the Saviour did come to serve people like you and like I,” dear neighbors from Boston! My mind is filled with so many images:

God’s great love manifested in the hospitality of CSJ Associates in Clovis, Albuquerque and Santa Rosa!

Vast landscapes, cattle ranches, scenic Santa Fe, smiling faces, warm hugs, delicious authentic New Mexican food presented with love and delight; even a tortilla-making lesson!

Graced memories of CSJ associate recommitment ceremonies – shared prayer, Scripture and song! Deep, inexpressible feelings of peace, joy, and humility as we shared conversations around each other’s life stories and lived experiences, and deepened bonds of friendship! An awareness of great beauty in the hearts of our New Mexican community whose lives, work and outreach to their neighbors reflect the Light of God’s love.

By Denise Edinger, CSJA

By Denise Edinger, CSJA

An Invitation to Knit and Crochet

During the summer, a small group of associates and friends of associates began

embarking on a knitting project to provide winter hats and mittens for the children in the second grade class taught by Beth Sheehan, CSJA. Beth had shared with us that during the cold weather she likes to make sure that the children get out for fresh air at recess; however, many of them had no hats or mittens. Beth would

often buy items for them at dollar stores. To date we have approximately 40 hats and Jean Plausky, CSJ, has provided several pairs of mittens. Please feel free to join our effort; Beth has informed us that the preschool and kindergarten would also benefit from homemade items. For more information contact


Sisters Pat Andrews, Rose Canney, Marian Batho

Sisters Pat Andrews, Rose Canney, Marian Batho


Literacy Connection

Thank You Sr. Rose!

Congratulations to Rose Canney, CSJ, on her retirement from the Literacy Connection! Those who spoke at the retirement gathering at the Motherhouse noted that Sr. Rose was always the person to open the door, to welcome in our neighbors to the Literacy Connection. She has worked with Literacy Connection for 17 of its 34 years, and therefore has had an indelible impact upon the program which assists individuals applying for citizenship and adults seeking to learn English. Thank you, Sr. Rose—and congratulations on being “off the clock”!!

Jean Mulloy, CSJ, speaks during the Transportation Committee Luncheon on September 21.

Jean Mulloy, CSJ, speaks during the Transportation Committee Luncheon on September 21.

Transportation Committee Luncheon

Heart and Soul of the Program

“Seeing relationship at the heart of mission, we value connection and seek to close the gaps of separation. Drivers connect from here to there, from anxiety to relief, patient to doctor, family member to family member, client to hairdresser…”

-Excerpt from opening prayer written by Betsy Conway, CSJ

Jean Mulloy, CSJ, welcomed drivers from the Transportation program at a luncheon last month. The luncheon is held annually in gratitude for the drivers’ many hours of service. This year alone (2020-2021), 462 sisters benefited from the Transportation program! About 30 drivers, a mix of sisters and associates, are committed to getting sisters where they need to be. These drivers are, as Sr. Jean puts it, the “heart and soul of the program.”

During the Transportation program’s nine years, approximately 2,479 sisters have been served! The CSJ community is so grateful for the incredible commitment and devotion of our drivers to this important program!

Community members responded to the archival exhibit for Boston CSJ Founders Day, celebrated on October 2nd. Click here to see the digital exhibit.

“What makes a Sister of Saint Joseph unique is that wherever one is living the mission we are all there. In the manner of Joseph, together we pay attention to our dreams and the stirrings of the Holy Spirit to discern God’s desires. Like Joseph, we strive together to be faithful always moving forward into a more profound love of God, love of neighbor without distinction and all of creation. Thus our desires become one of unifying love.”

-Charlene Favreau, CSJ

The Women’s Table

Welcome Grandparents!

The vibrancy of autumn ushers in change, cooler weather and multicolored leaves. And The Women’s Table is happy to announce a ‘change’, or new program for our ministry. We will collaborate with the Family Nurturing Center of Oak Square, Brighton to host a supportive group for grandparents raising their grandchildren. This will provide an opportunity for participants to connect, support and learn from one another. Our first group will be on Thursday, October 21, 2021 beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 11:30 a.m., and will take place in the Penthouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse at 637 Cambridge Street, Brighton. If you are interested in registering for this group, or know of someone who might benefit from a group such as this, please contact Mary Rita at (617) 746-2056, by email at or click on this link:

Sister Lorraine Marie Dimare, CSJ


Date of Birth: June 4, 1932
Date of Death: September 26, 2021
In the 71st year of her Religious Life.

In Memoriam

Sister Rita Anne Davis, CSJ


Date of Birth: June 4, 1932
Date of Death: September 26, 2021
In the 71st year of her Religious Life.

Dates to Remember


FRIDAY, OCT. 15, 2:00PM — CELEBRATION OF LE PUY FOUNDING US & Canadian CSSJ Federations (Zoom)






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